Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome to EaselTown!

Welcome to EaselTown: population 4! In the fall of last year, I talked about Paul's decision to leave his full-time job with benefits to join me at my school as an educational assistant. It was difficult for us all to give up that security blanket, but it was a much needed change. The artist inside Paul was dying to get out. He has always done what he must to take care of his family, but when you are given a talent like the one he has it just doesn't go away. The change has been great for him. He is able to get the boys to and from school. He gets to paint more and teaches art after school. It is also nice for us to get to work together. However, money continues to be a struggle, but we know it will all balance itself out. We are still recovering from the year of maternity leave I took with Emmitt, so this new change has put some pressure on our pocketbook. We may have to give up things like cable, but we don't have to compromise who we are and what family means to us. Paul recently began a new venture that was inspired by our boys. He has been painting day and night on a series of children's paintings. We revamped his Etsy shop and named it Q-N-EaselTown. Q is Quintin's nickname and Easel is Emmitt's. He has really had a blast paintings these. Stop by and check it out:  Support the art community when you can!