Saturday, December 8, 2012

No place like home for the holidays!

Since we completed the renovation of our kitchen and dinning room, we began working on our living room. The living room is the reason we bought our house. It came with beautiful hardwood floors and plantation shutters, but the L shape made it hard to maximize space. After 7 years, I think we finally got  it right. I still want to add some to the office area, but I will figure that out later. It is time to enjoy the holidays and stop working on our house!!!

Yes, Thomas is a regular show on our tv! We found our amazing entertainment stand
at a garage sale for only $50. 
I found our curtains at Target. We put some sheer white ones in the middle
to breakup the pattern. Of course, I got the idea on Pinterest. I really like the
way it turned out!
We found four of our frames at Hobby Lobby and painted a couple of our old ones.
Paul made me a trunk one year for Christmas. We recently painted it with
the chalk paint and decided to use it as our end table. Info about
the chalk paint is below. The lamp came from Hobby Lobby, and the
shade came from Target.
The table and chairs are from Target.
We found this console table at an estate sale and painted it. I wanted to use chalk paint,
but it is so expensive. I did a search on the computer and stumbled across an amazing blog,
I heart Nap Time. I used her chalk paint recipe, and it turned out great. Here is a link to the
recipe I just bought cheap paint from Wal-Mart. My
husband added the chevron stripes to our cork board. It is a great Christmas card holder
and display for children's work.
This is my office area. Paul added shelves for me, and I can't wait to fill them!!
We found the desk on a Facebook resale page. I added the cute owl knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Old Souls

So it has been a really long time since I have written a post. I keep a pretty detailed blog for my class, so it takes up a lot of my writing time. A lot has changed for me since the last time I wrote. Paul is still working at my school with me, and he is teaching 4 art classes after school. We finally got our kitchen, dining room, and garage renovated. It is wonderful, and we are so happy with how it turned out. We are currently on a hunt for chairs to go with our huge dining room table. Before and after pics to come soon! After we finished our renovations, my mom passed away unexpectedly. I am still in a fog of dismay. There are good days and bad days, but in the beginning it was feelings of pure trauma. We watch people deal with death in some way, shape or form everyday, but you truly never understand until it crosses your path. It is gut-wrenching and empty. The range of emotions you can feel in one day are unsettling and unnatural. I have always felt I have an old soul, but grief ages you tremendously. I am experiencing what they call compounded grief. I lost my grandfather only a year and a half ago. Anyone who truly knows me, knows what he meant and still means to me. I am now left to watch my grandmother age and suffer through this as well. She is amazing and strong, and I fear the day I lose her too. With each new day, my boys and wonderful husband push me forward. The pain changes and morphs, but for right now it is always there....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome to EaselTown!

Welcome to EaselTown: population 4! In the fall of last year, I talked about Paul's decision to leave his full-time job with benefits to join me at my school as an educational assistant. It was difficult for us all to give up that security blanket, but it was a much needed change. The artist inside Paul was dying to get out. He has always done what he must to take care of his family, but when you are given a talent like the one he has it just doesn't go away. The change has been great for him. He is able to get the boys to and from school. He gets to paint more and teaches art after school. It is also nice for us to get to work together. However, money continues to be a struggle, but we know it will all balance itself out. We are still recovering from the year of maternity leave I took with Emmitt, so this new change has put some pressure on our pocketbook. We may have to give up things like cable, but we don't have to compromise who we are and what family means to us. Paul recently began a new venture that was inspired by our boys. He has been painting day and night on a series of children's paintings. We revamped his Etsy shop and named it Q-N-EaselTown. Q is Quintin's nickname and Easel is Emmitt's. He has really had a blast paintings these. Stop by and check it out:  Support the art community when you can!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Changes to Small Spaces

So after not having any success selling our house, we took it off the market. What huge relief it has been! It is not easy keeping a house with 2 toddlers immaculate everyday. After taking it off the market, we decided to start making our house work for us no matter how small it may be. Without any hesitation, we started moving furniture, cleaning out, and selling what we didn't need. Our yard sale was a huge success, and we sold lots of our stuff on facebook. We also decided to refinance and make some serious renovations. I am happy to say that our appraisal came in today at what we needed it to!!! Hopefully, we will be closing soon and getting started on the renovations. So far, the boys' bedroom is the only space in the house that is even close to being done. Here are some pics of some of the changes. Please keep in mind our master is only 12 by 12, and the bedrooms only get smaller from there.
We got the picture ledges at IKEA to display some of their books. I originally wanted to get the spice racks you see all over pinterest, but IKEA did not have them when I went.
We moved our old shelves to their room and framed Quintin's class photo.
We got them their own mailboxes to hang their coats and hold their notes from school.
I spay painted their old frame, and Paul painted the nightstand before Emmitt was born.
They now have bunk beds, and they are such a space saver! I love the extra storage in the stairs, and we got the trundle for when we have someone over. 
We also framed some of Quintin's art and put them above his bunk.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Teacher Appreciation!

So it turns out teaching full-time, having 2 children, keeping up with a class blog and a personal blog is a lot of work! Now that the school year is almost over I am going to give it another try! My boys both had amazing school years, and we loved their teachers! For teacher appreciation this year, we gave Emmitt's teachers iTunes gift cards and wrote you rock on their cards. I found the cutest plastic plates at Target to hold their brownies. For Quintin's teachers, I found a cute poem online. It was over a year ago that I found it, so I do not remember who to give credit to. Please leave me a comment if you know the original source. Anyway, their poem is adorable and referenced different types of candy. We drove all over town to find the candy, but it was well worth it. I highly recommend you go to Ike's first because they had the best selection. Of course, we went there last. I used a paint can from Michaels to hold all the candy. I think it turned out great! My school's last day is not until next Friday, so happy summer to those of you who have already made it!!