Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Changes to Small Spaces

So after not having any success selling our house, we took it off the market. What huge relief it has been! It is not easy keeping a house with 2 toddlers immaculate everyday. After taking it off the market, we decided to start making our house work for us no matter how small it may be. Without any hesitation, we started moving furniture, cleaning out, and selling what we didn't need. Our yard sale was a huge success, and we sold lots of our stuff on facebook. We also decided to refinance and make some serious renovations. I am happy to say that our appraisal came in today at what we needed it to!!! Hopefully, we will be closing soon and getting started on the renovations. So far, the boys' bedroom is the only space in the house that is even close to being done. Here are some pics of some of the changes. Please keep in mind our master is only 12 by 12, and the bedrooms only get smaller from there.
We got the picture ledges at IKEA to display some of their books. I originally wanted to get the spice racks you see all over pinterest, but IKEA did not have them when I went.
We moved our old shelves to their room and framed Quintin's class photo.
We got them their own mailboxes to hang their coats and hold their notes from school.
I spay painted their old frame, and Paul painted the nightstand before Emmitt was born.
They now have bunk beds, and they are such a space saver! I love the extra storage in the stairs, and we got the trundle for when we have someone over. 
We also framed some of Quintin's art and put them above his bunk.

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