Monday, May 21, 2012

Teacher Appreciation!

So it turns out teaching full-time, having 2 children, keeping up with a class blog and a personal blog is a lot of work! Now that the school year is almost over I am going to give it another try! My boys both had amazing school years, and we loved their teachers! For teacher appreciation this year, we gave Emmitt's teachers iTunes gift cards and wrote you rock on their cards. I found the cutest plastic plates at Target to hold their brownies. For Quintin's teachers, I found a cute poem online. It was over a year ago that I found it, so I do not remember who to give credit to. Please leave me a comment if you know the original source. Anyway, their poem is adorable and referenced different types of candy. We drove all over town to find the candy, but it was well worth it. I highly recommend you go to Ike's first because they had the best selection. Of course, we went there last. I used a paint can from Michaels to hold all the candy. I think it turned out great! My school's last day is not until next Friday, so happy summer to those of you who have already made it!!

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