Saturday, June 21, 2014

Everything is Awesome!!!

With the Lego Movie coming out this week (and yes, it is awesome), I thought a Lego post would be most appropriate. My husband, who sometimes reminds of President Business with his love and need to preserve toys, loves to incorporate Legos into his art classes. Those lessons tend to be his most popular with boys and girls alike. I know our house is busting at the seams with Legos and everything is awesome until you step on one. For our children, Lego creations are works of art that need to be on display, but they are also hard to store. Check out a couple of the solutions we came up with.

My mom had some old Pepsi crates, so we decided to use one to store some Lego figures. I hot glued one or two yellow blocks into each compartment. Some of the slots were broken, so I had to improvise. Then, Quintin got to pick the figures he wanted to put on display. For our many Lego pieces and instruction guides, we also found this cool storage at my mom's house. She had it in her carport, so it was in pretty bad shape. Let's just say lots of spiders and rust were involved. However, it looked brand new after a good cleaning, sanding, and an awesome Lego yellow paint job!

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