Saturday, June 14, 2014

Making room for a party of 5...

Baby boy number 3 will be here in a little over a month. Unfortunately, our house we bought almost 9 years ago has not grown like our family has. So my response to, "Do you have his nursery ready?" is "Yes, his corner is all done!" We co-slept with our other 2 boys when they were little, so that part will not be that different. The part that is becoming a challenge is figuring out where to store all of his stuff. Even though Quintin and Emmitt slept with us, they still had their own room. Our master bedroom is 12 by 12, so space has always been an issue. With a little help from Pinterest, I think we came up with some creative solutions. Check out the pics below. Here's to making the most out of small spaces!
For his wall, we included a picture of his big brothers and his
 namesake's Navy retirement plaque. 

For clothing storage, we found some drawers on a Facebook resale
page. The drawers fit nicely under our bed. We are hoping to add
some sort of wheels to the bottom of the drawers. 

We used the top of our dresser as a changing table.

I was able to move my out of season clothes
to our hall closet to make some room for hanging storage.
Our closet is already pretty small.
I added some baskets to our console table in the living room for
some toy and book storage.

I also put some baskets under our coffee table for more diaper
and wipe storage. On a side note, I am glad I got one last picture
of this bowl. Emmitt broke it about 5 minutes after I took this picture:(

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