Wednesday, June 18, 2014

For the love of trees...

We love trees in the Miller house, but apparently we love making art more. Finding a nice balance is hard when our oldest son can go through an entire ream of paper in 1 week. Nothing makes him happier than when I bring him home a fresh pack. However, figuring out how to store all these masterpieces has been a challenge. He is his biggest critic, so he has no trouble figuring out which pieces to keep. The picture below shows about an hours worth of work. In order to save on space, the majority of his artwork I store online using ARTKIVE, I downloaded the app for free, and all I have to do is take pictures of his work. You can also make books of their work, but they are pricey.  

Finding a solution for his artwork was only half our battle. We all know how much paperwork comes home from school as well. You feel guilty when you throw any of their cute work away, but I try to only save the best of the best or work that shows a major milestone in his development. Of course, you want to keep any awards or special recognitions. At first, I tried using a binder, but that got a little tedious and not everything I wanted to save would fit. Then, I decided to use the same technique I use for my students' work in my classroom. I purchased a hanging file folder box for each of my boys. I then labeled the files for each grade. So far, it works great. I just open the box and drop in anything we want to keep. I store the boxes in their closet, so they are out of the way. I made a cover for each of their boxes using a laminated sheet of card stock. The font I used is elise from Kevin and Amanda. If you have not stopped by and downloaded their free fonts, you need to now: Check out the pics below to see how they turned out. I would love your feedback, so leave me a comment:)

Labeled files starting with preschool 

Work samples 

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